IHC calls detailed report on gifts received by presidents, prime ministers since 1947


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court (IHC) has sought within a month detailed report on the gifts received by the presidents and prime ministers since 1947.

Justice Mian Gull Hassan Aurangzeb of IHC issued notice to cabinet division on non implementation of decision given by Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) on an application seeking details of the gifts received by the presidents and prime ministers since the establishment of Pakistan.

During the hearing of the case the Deputy Attorney General (DAG) told the court to his view the record pertaining to the period prior to 1990 will not be available. Such information should be available on website.
The court remarked may be the tosha Khana record is available. Give them if record becomes available.

The counsel for the petitioner told the court details about the gifts from 1947 till now has been sought. Cabinet division refused to provide it terming it classified.
PIC issued order on June 29 but it has not been implemented despite lapse of 5 months.

The court inquired why the other public servants have not been included. Why are you restricting yourself to president and prime minister. This has revealed your designs. Whatever petition comes it comes in respect of PM.