We are not sitting here to hear the speech: CEC


ISLAMABAD: Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja has said we are not sitting here to hear the speech and we are writing to parliament due to which the Local Bodies (LB) polls will take place on time.A five members commission under CEC took up for hearing case pertaining to change in the voters lists Wednesday.

One Azhar among 6 petitioners appeared before the election commission late The candidate in LB polls Azhar expressed reservations with CEC over postponement of LB polls in Islamabad saying “ I came from abroad and incurred expenses. But the election was postponed. Our institutions don’t want elections . Here there is rampant corruption. Allow me to talk for a few minutes. 200 voters were shifted to other wards in Golra.

The CEC remarked we don’t want to hear your speech. We are writing to parliament due to which LB polls will occur in time. Why did you not resort to proper forum.He remarked there is process in place for transferring vote. The vote can be registered on permanent or temporary address and not on third address.The CEC directed the petitioner to appear before vote registration officer on January 05