Two persons arrested in PM house hacking case


ISLAMABAD: Two persons have been taken into custody in Prime Minister (PM) House hacking case.

The official sources told Online it has been revealed with reference to arrest of the persons in connection with hacking of PM House that two persons not one have been arrested in this regard. They were arrested on the basis of solid evidence.

The government sources further said these two persons have been arrested on the basis of credible proof. These two persons were in contact with an officer of intelligence agency who was appointed in PM House. One among them belongs to Rawalpindi and second hails from Bahawalpur.

These two are charged with hacking of PM Shahbaz Sharif and the ministers.PM had constituted a committee under the interior minister on hacking matter. The entire security system of PM House has been upgraded on the recommendation of the committee.As per sources the security staff deployed in PM House is subjected to complete screening now.