PM ready for consultations but will not discuss on NRO: Sheikh Rashid


LAHORE, Oct 24 (Online): Railway minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan is ready for consultations but he will not give NRO.

“Imran Khan is ready to hold consultations but he will not talk on NRO. PM Imran Khan is not going any where”, he said this while addressing a press conference here Saturday.

He held “if governments could be overthrown due to public meetings and rallies then PTI had staged sit in for 125 days “Jharoo”will be swept from December 31 to February 20. PM Imran Khan is not going anywhere, he added.

He noted “Pakistan army and government are on the same page. 90 percent nation loves army. 10 percent people are disappointed and defeat stricken. Their children are foreign citizenship holders and they are aqama holders.

He warned TTP has been funded by India and it has become active in Pakistan. Pakistan politics can see some disturbances because clash with the institutions ruins the politics.
He said Imran Khan is trying to bring back Nawaz Sharif while cases against ‘my friend’ Shehbaz Sharif are serious.
He underlined that politicians will repent. Because consultation never comes to end in the politics, therefore, I am saying PPP is playing in better way. On one occasion PPP will not agree with PDM on certain matters.

On the other hand Imran Khan has alleged Israel and Indian lobbies are working for opposition. Israeli and Indian lobbies work together in US and now these lobbies are working for opposition. The Indian media propaganda testifies to it. The Indian media is claiming that civil war has started in Pakistan.

Indian media has also claimed that Imran Khan is going to be sacked from his office. Indian media is making Nawaz Sharif hero because Israel wants Pakistan meets the doom what the Russia met.