People need to be patient


Isa Khel:(Online) Prime Minister Imran Khan says people have to be a little patient Pakistan will become a powerful country in the world.

Addressing a function in Issa Khel, the Prime Minister said that people ask why Usman Bazdar was made the Chief Minister, how the people who get treatment in London will feel the backward people, Usman Bazdar belongs to the backward area, they Public issues are understood, no nation develops by investing in 2, 3 cities.

The Prime Minister said that the principle of the state of Madinah was that all are equal before the law, the law should be applied equally to both the strong and the weak, the rule of law means to uplift the weak, I have seen the situation here. I have seen the situation here, where there is oppression there is no blessing of Allah, the system of disbelief can work but not of oppression and injustice, I instruct IG Punjab that there should be no oppression of the poor in police stations. The poor are in prisons and the big thieves are in London.