Waseem Badami Responds To Majid Jahangir’s Allegations


LAHORE: Waseem Badami and Iqrar Ul Hassan made the headlines when the senior actor and comedian Majid Jahangir accused them of doing a scam with him. Majid Jahangir said that the two didn’t give him the money they collected for him in Shaan E Ramadan. He also said that they didn’t give him Corolla after pledging.

Recently, Waseem Badami has posted a video in response to Majid Jahangir from Makkah Mukarama. He said, “firstly, Majid Jahangir said you got Toyota Corolla, I didn’t even say a word car in the show, Iqrar Ul Hassan said he will try for a car, I would say that Corolla Car never came on the set of Shaan E Ramadan, Iqrar Ul Hassan then said that with the help of Ary Digital’s owners we tried to give him Mehran to him to which he agreed.

Also, we didn’t say that 12 Lacs were pledged, we barely got pledges of 4 to 6, should we close such segments because everyone knows that people pledge but don’t ever give for example a person announced 100 rupees but gave 70 rupees, it doesn’t mean we have taken the remaining 30 rupees. I am in Makkah, I will pray for his health. I have no issues from Majid Jahangir but I would urge you to research before you accuse someone.