LHC expresses resentment over FIA for barring wife of Ch Pervez Elahi from going abroad



LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) has expressed resentment over FIA for barring Tahreem Elahi wife of Chaudhry Pervez Elahi from going abroad.

The court remarked “ do you put the name of any citizen in stop list only on the basis of inquiry. What joke you have made.

The petition against stopping wife of Chaudhry Pervez Elahi from going abroad came up for hearing before single bench of LHC led by Justice Shehram Sarwar Friday.

The learned judge inquired from director FIA why he did not sign on the report. All the reply is made out on possibilities. Is name of any citizen put in stop list on the basis of inquiry. You have made it joke. Why do you not sign the report.

The court inquired from director FIA how many names you have placed so far on PNIL. Can you tell now how many names have been put therein..

FIA director replied he can not tell now.
Justice Shehram Sarwar questioned why can you not tell. You are only putting names therein. This list is for proclaimed offenders and you are including people therein. it can be seen that this all is based on political basis.

Justice Shehram Sarwar inquired from director do you want to do job or politics. Who has stopped you from holding inquiry. Your objective is political. you are putting name on the basis of inquiry.

The court remarked you will sign the report so that inquiry could be held easily against you. We call all the list of PNIL from DG FIA on next hearing. Who has been appointed on such an important post.

Justice Shehram Sarwar remarked it is last chance. Give reply. Otherwise we will call DG FIA on next hearing. No one will be in PNIL from Sindh. All will be from Punjab or KP.

Amjid Pervez advocate argued the children of Tehreem Elahi are in UK.

Justice Shehram Sarwar remarked I am not giving immediate relief now. I want to take action against the FIA.FIA director said “ I tender apology to court.Justice Shehram Sarwar remarked “ first give reply then we will see.The court adjourned the hearing of the case till next Friday.