LCCI chief assures full support to fashion & textile industry


Lahore November 30 (Online): Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry President Mian Tariq Misbah has offered all out help for Fashion & Textile sector. Speaking at a meeting with the renowned fashion designers of Pakistan at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry on Monday, the president said that this sector can earn huge foreign exchange for the country
LCCI President Mian Tariq Misbah said it would not be wrong to say that textile sector of Pakistan is a pillar of economy as it contributes 60 percent to the national exports with a great volume of $ 12.8 billion.

He said that luckily, textile sector is booming as international buyers have diverted to Pakistan from other regional countries due to corona. He said that recently Prime Minister has also underlined the rapid growth of textile industry and shortage of human resources is being witnessed as well.

He said that Pakistan can earn huge foreign exchange through export of fashion industry if it succeeds to catch the attention of western buyers. They are buying hand-made embroidery and products for fashion industry from other regional countries despite the fact that Pakistan has far better expertise.

He said that all those people are not just workers but artists who are doing embroidery, stitching and other related works.
He said that government and private sector should work together to change the perception of Pakistan through finest quality work and art that is fit for international fashion Industry.

The LCCI said that fashion industry of Pakistan can get a good share from the international fashion market worth billions of dollars.

He said that from 220 million population of Pakistan, women comprise of more than 50 percent of it. Through introducing new projects, a large number of population can be benefitted and contribute in national economy.
Mian Tariq Misbah said that Pakistan’s Fashion designing and clothing industry has become an important dimension for national economy because of its export potential. He said that decision makers should realize its significance in view of its huge potential for future expansion and give all possible facilities.
Convener LCCI Standing Committee on Fashion & Textile Nabeel Iftikhar said that we have to promote our fashion industry to secure an important place in the international market.
He said that collaboration between Pakistani and international fashion designers can be a milestone and can help earn huge foreign exchange for the country. He said that Pakistan’s hand-made embroidery can be merged with the designs of other countries.