What have vaccines done for us?


ISLAMABAD, December 1 (online): As the world awaits the imminent arrival of one or several COVID-19 vaccines, many people may wonder how important vaccines actually are to safeguarding public health. In this feature, we answer that question by looking at what vaccines have done for us throughout history.
Researchers who have looked at trends of vaccine acceptance around the world have found that, overall, people’s trust in vaccine safety and effectiveness has been on the rise over the past few years.
However, they have also expressed concern that the race for a COVID-19 vaccine may have triggered more hesitancy among certain groups.
Professor noted that “Because of the hyper-uncertainty and the whole environment of trust and distrust around the COVID vaccine, there are groups that have gotten together to resist” upcoming vaccination.
Many may now be wondering why researchers are so keen on vaccines and whether vaccines have really achieved much for public health.
So, in this Special Feature, we look at some key moments in vaccine history and how vaccines have revolutionized public healthcare.