Yumna Zaidi talks about her project ‘Tere Bin’


ISLAMABAD: Very talented Yumna Zaidi has recently shed light on her on-air serial ‘Tere Bin’, stating that she enjoyed drama’s shooting.

In an interview with a private entertainment chanel, Yumna said: “So far, the shoot has been very tough, it’s an elaborated shoot with a lot of events and huge cast. It’s a grand production but still we all are enjoying a lot of tough sequences while shooting, Meerub’s character is very good, she is the one who has been brought up in a very different environment and she never liked the people at her relatives place, she doesn’t remember any good experiences regarding that place and people.”

“Character of Meerub is not near to me at all, yes, I support independent girls but Meerub is different than real life Yumna. I think there is only one thing that Meerub wants, Meerub is the girl who wants to just follow her dreams, don’t misinterpret Meerub’s character. Also, Meerub will definitely learn lesson. It’s my third serial with Suraj Ul Haq he is one of his own kind, he merges modern and contemporary things very well. He’s a well researched director,” she added.