Traders announce protests against imports’ ban


ISLAMABAD: Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry’s former president Anjum Nisar said Sunday the business community across the country will be protesting against the anti-industry policies of the government today (Monday).

In his statement on Sunday, Nisar threatened the government of continuing this protest across Pakistan until the clearance of their containers of imported goods, stuck up at ports for a long time, as the economy is presently in a standstill position owing to this unfortunate attitude of the authorities.

Anjum Nisar urged the government for immediate restoration of the opening of letters of credit with the availability of foreign exchange for the import of raw materials putting industries into gear. He said that representatives of all trade bodies, industrial associations, markets and bazaars would participate in this protest.

He said what we need urgently is opening of LCs with availability of foreign exchange for meeting the requirements of industrial sector. He said that many industries are now facing shortage of raw material and are on the verge of cutting their production. He said that key products especially under HS code 84 and 85 include home appliances, air conditioners, IT products, generators, telecom, steel and automobiles. Importers are worried due to non-opening of LCs.