Fans displeased with NaumanIjaz’s harshness


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s leading actor NaumanIjaz is currently under severe criticism for being harsh in his words’ selection.
The Parizad actor usually remains vocal and loud on social issues. Nauman also goes rude with his words some times which consequently makes people question why is he doing or saying what he is doing or saying.

“I have come to a conclusion that social media is a place where successful people get trolled by unsuccessful people. So lagyrahonalaiqo (carry on with your work) and keep showing yourself,” Nauman said in his most recent social media post.

Nauman’s posts are followed with similar ones which fans are categorizing as ‘judgmental’ and rude.
“Too much rudeness and attitude in your posts,” commented a social media user.

Another user wrote: “I am not sure why you are always this snippy. You had similar attitude at Hum awards (although not shown on TV). Why losing your grace all after all these years?”
“These unsuccessful people are your fans,” another user told Nauman.