Fawad’s arrest ‘part of a bigger plan’, says Imran


LAHORE: Former Prime Minister and PTI Chief Imran Khan on Wednesday said the arrest of his party leader Fawad Chaudhry was “part of a bigger plan to rig upcoming elections”, adding that PDM government was trying to ‘press’ his party.

“In my twenty six years’ political career, I have told many things to you, and looks like it is bearing fruit now,” Imran said as he addressed his supporters through a televised speech.
“People now understand many things. A society can be called a human society when there is justice in it,” he said at the beginning of his address.

“Resisting against injustice is Jehaad,” he told his supporters, adding that “nations who strive for truth become independent and free.”

Breathing fire at Punjab’s newly appointed caretaker Chief Minister, he said it is the electoral body’s responsibility to hold free and fair elections in the country as per Article 218(3) of the Constitution.
“Did you not know about his background? Did you not know he had a major role in regime change operation [against PTI]? He was very active to oust us. His channel was also involved in propaganda against us,” he said.

Reacting to party’s leader Fawad Chaudhry’s arrest, the PTI Chief said 220 million people are standing with the PTI.

In his address, Imran Khan condemned Fawad’s arrest and said that he is a frontline worker of the party. Imran alleged that Chaudhry’s arrest was a part of a broader plan, which aimed at rigging the upcoming polls.