Nothing is spent out of all the funds what go to Sindh: SC


ISLAMABAD, December 01 (Online): Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmad has remarked how much funds goes to Sindh, nothing is spent out of them.

He remarked no tree is there along side river banks from Islamabad to Karachi.

He gave these remarks during the hearing of the case on plantation of trees along the banks of rivers and canals here Tuesday,.

He observed it is hard for human being to live in Sindh then how the trees will stay therein. Forest was cut near Larkana in the name of apprehending the dacoits. Sindh Police could not catch a butterfly what to speak of catching a dacoit. The entire forests were chopped but no one could be arrested.

He observed irrigation secretary of Sindh and staffers of environment department come to Islamabad on enjoy trip only. They say they will make trip of Murree this way. Not a single rupee will be paid as TA/DA to officers who have come from Sindh. They will have to incur the entire expenses out of their own pockets. They come here to enjoy trip rather than filing report. As many as 50000 trees could be planted against the amount which was spent by Sindh officers on their visit here. Sindh is only province where the matters run the other way. We issue contempt of court notice to all Who have not come to court including secretary forest. They come here without preparations like primary school students. Secretary forest and people from irrigation department will go to jail and they will be removed from service as well.

He remarked million of trees are chopped in KP. There is no tree left in Kaghan and Naran. I say with regret that the entire staff of forest department of KP has become thief. What type of helicopter be given to them which could enable them to monitor trees. No tree is there in Nathia Galli, Malam Jabba and Murree. No one cares for trees in KP. People from all over the country go to KP for enjoyment. No quality tree is there along side Kashmir way and Express way in Islamabad. Trees of one variety should be planted alongside the roads.

He observed forest is grown along side the roads in Pakistan. Trees can be planted every where if they are looked after. It is hard to take a breath in different cities of Punjab, Sindh and other provinces. There is so much filth that it is hard to heave a sigh. Plantation of 430 million looks incomprehensible. Had 430 million trees been planted then the fate of the country would have been changed. We will send magistrates to the entire country to investigate into the plantation of 430 million trees. Housing socieities are being built on Kallar Kahar hills. We are stopping more constructions in Kallar Kahar from today.

A two members bench of SC presided over by CJP took up the case for hearing Tuesday.

Secretary forest told the court we have filed detailed report today. As many as 382000 trees have been planted along the banks of rivers and canals in Sindh.

Secretary forest Punjab told the court 460 million trees will be planted in Punjab during 4 years.

Secretary forest KP told the court 7.3 million trees have been planted in KP.

Additional advocate general Balochistan told the court trees can not be planted in Balochistan now a days.

Secretary climate change took the plea work was started on 10 billion tree Tsunami project since the last year. We have planted 430 million trees in different cities in the country during two years. Federation is sharing 50 percent partnership with the provinces in billion tree tsunami project.

The court while summoning detailed report about billion tree Tsunami project and details of expenses incurred on this project has inquired from ministry of climate change “ tell us these trees have been planted where. Who verifies them. Satellite pictures of Billion tree tsunami be provided.

The court while ordering to stop construction on Kallar Kahar hills has directed that trees be planted on Kallar Kahar hills.

The court has imposed ban on making constructions in all the private and government areas of Kallar Kahar besides summoning secretary planning and all the four provincial forest secretaries on next hearing.

The hearing of the case was adjourned for one month.