Public transport fare increased


ISLAMABAD: After hike in petroleum prices, transporters have also announced increase in their fare across the country.

Fares from Lahore to Rawalpindi have been increased from 2200 to 2450Pkr, Lahore to Peshawar from Rs.2500 to 3000, from Lahore to Bahawalpur fare increase to 2400 from 2200 and Lahore to Multan fare rised to 2090 from 1990.

Lahore to Tonsa fare increased from 2100 to 2400pkr and for Lahore to Karachi it jumps up from 6700 to 7100pkr. Lahore to Hyderabad fare increased from Rs.6300 to 7000 where it raised from 3050 to 3450pkr from Lahore to Sadiqabad.

Lahore to Sukhur fare increased from 4500 to 4900pkr and from Lahore to Swat fare went from Rs.2600 to 3000 were as Lahore to Murree fare raised from 2450 to 2700Pkr.