Salman Khan: I Have Anger, Which Is Needed, Anger Is Not Bad


ISLAMABAD, December 2 (online): Salman Khan has been a part of the Hindi film industry for over 32 years. In these three decades and more, he has established a solid fan base for himself. In these trying times during the lockdown, he was updating fans with his self-crooned songs and Instagram posts on social media, but now, the actor has also given an interview.
He shed light on friendship, what it takes to be his friend, anger, and temper. On his take on friends, this is what the Dabangg star had to say, “I take a lot of time in becoming friends, so all the friends that I’ve had have been 20-30 years old. And all the new people who keep coming in, they’re there, but they’re not as close as the four-five friends that I’ve had.”
He added, “So when you get to know… First everyone’s really cool, and then you get to know each other’s faults. If you’re okay with their faults then you’re fine. Because their qualities are a thousand times more than what they’re weakness are. If you’re okay with the weaknesses, you’re okay with them, but if you’re not okay with the weaknesses, and some friends aren’t as strong, then you don’t need that relationship.”