It is lawlessness of top level that a living person has been shown dead: LHC


LAHORE, Dec 02 (Online): Muhammad Qasim Khan, Chief Justice (CJ) Lahore High Court (LHC) has remarked this is top level lawlessness that a living person has been shown as dead.
He further remarked “ the senior officers are not informed about the court’s orders to cover up one’s performance .
He gave these remarks during the hearing of petition filed by one Muhammad Hussain here Wednesday.
During the previous hearing of the case, director FIA Rizwan had shown ignorance about court’s order.

DG FIA appeared on the orders of court.

The petitioner took the plea his complaint has been addressed and the real person has been declared accused.

Additional Attorney General (AAG) Ishtiaq A extended unconditional apology on behalf of DG FIA.

The CJ LHC remarked” the higher officers are not apprised of the court’s order to cover up their performance. How the crime will stand eliminated from this country. Bureaucracy is there for twiddling thumbs. The number of cases is rising in the courts due to bureaucracy.

He further remarked this is lawlessness of high level that a living person has been written as dead.

The court had issued show cause notice to director FIA for not delivering court’s orders to DG FIA.

Director FIA Rizwan had shown ignorance about court’s orders on previous hearing.

Director FIA had taken plea he could not inform DG FIA due to some misperception.

The court had expressed displeasure with the director FIA Lahore Dr Rizwan.

The petitioner had taken stance that FIA had not arrested an accused who is performing his duty still.

FIA had shown the other accused dead.