Influencer mimics Deepika Padukone’s lines from Pathaan, fans say it’s ‘better than Alia’s Shiva Shiva’


MUMBAI: An influencer tried to mimic Deepika Padukone’s character Rubai in Pathaan by re-enacting her main scenes on Instagram. However, fans thought her interpretation was completely off the mark.

With characters and scenes from Pathaan gaining popularity since its release, fans have been quoting certain dialogues and moments from the Hindi blockbuster. In the past week, as scenes involving the lead actors Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham went viral, an influencer put up her version of Rubai in Pathaan on Instagram. However, as the comments from her Instagram Reel show, many fans feel her interpretation of Deepika in the film was completely off the mark.
Sharing Deepika’s main scenes from the film, the influencer, Sonalika Puri, wrote, “She nailed it, as always (flexed bicep emoji). shoot , costume, motivation & and patience credits – @tracingsilhouettes. #pathaan #deepikapadukone #shahrukhkhan #movies #Bollywood.” The Reel also includes some half-hearted action scenes, but mostly involves Deepika’s Rubai saying her dialogues in Pathaan.