Jamema irked with Pakistanis’ depiction of ‘suicide bombers’


ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex-spouse and filmmaker Jemima Goldsmith said she regrets the ‘negative’ image of Muslims being depicted in international films.
In an interview with Sky News, Imran Khan’s former wife revealed that her recently released film “What’s Love got to do with it” is inspired by her real life to some extent. She said her film primarily challenged the problem of ‘Islampophobia’.
Jemima, 49, said that Muslims and Pakistanis are constantly being negatively portrayed by Western Cinema. Pakistanis are always shown as suicide bombers or terrorist, she regretted.
It is pertinent to mention here that Jemima had married the then cricket super star Imran Khan in 1995. They have two sons – namely Qasim and Suleman.
She told Sky News that her sons are noticeably interrogated at airports just for their ‘non-English’ names. “When they travel, they have to wait for hours before getting on board,” she told Sky News.
Talking about her debut film, she said the movie is a “celebration of Pakistan… outside of dark politics. The joyful, colourful, hospitable, fun place that I know is part of Pakistani life.”
Khan told Sky News that producing the film – which has been over a decade in the making – has forced her to reflect on her own life experiences and choices.
“As I get older, I think, if I had parents who could have agreed – and were functional and good at these things – I definitely could have benefited from being introduced to suitable candidates.”
The 49-year-old added that this would be in the “new incarnation” of arranged marriage – which she, and by extension through the character Kazim, explore as “assisted marriage”.
This, Khan explains, “is basically an introduction of someone suitable and the couple then decide”.