Court dismisses bail after arrest plea of Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABAD:Sessions court has dismissed bail after arrest plea of Sheikh Rashid.

Additional Sessions Judge Tahir Abbas Sipra announced the reserved judgment on the petition seeking bail after arrest by Sheikh Rashid.

The bail after arrest plea of Sheikh Rashid came up for hearing in the court of district and sessions judge court Thursday.

District and Sessions Judge Tahir Abbas Sipra took up the petition for hearing.

The counsel for complainant requested the court to include Imran Khan in the investigation. Sheikh Rashid and Imran Khan are together hatching conspiracy against Asif Ali Zardari. Hatred is being fomented against the political parties.

The court remarked police have worked out challan.
Prosecutor Muhammad Adnan opposed the bail plea of Sheikh Rashid saying what offence Sheikh Rashid has committed it carries punishment of 7 years jail term.

The court remarked the investigation cannot be made against Imran Khan in connection with conspiracy.

The learned judge while addressing prosecutor remarked as per clauses the impact of Sheikh Rashid statement is on the entire nation. Is it so. Asif Zardari is saying the statement has not been given by Sheikh Rashid and it has been given by Imran Khan.

The learned judge inquired from the lawyer police called Sheikh Rashid and made investigation from him with reference to information.

The counsel Abdul Razzaq said information is available in police record which was shared by Sheikh Rashid.

The court inquired where is written in transcript Imran Khan told Sheikh Rashid about the conspiracy of murder.
Sheikh Rashid said meeting took place with Imran Khan wherein information was given with reference to conspiracy of the murder.

The learned judge remarked we have to decide as per police record at this stage. What were evidences on which Sheikh Rashid gave statement .

The lawyer said Imran Khan tweeted Asif Zardari contacted two persons to murder him.

Later the court reserved judgment after hearing the arguments of respondents.

The court rejected the bail after arrest plea of Sheikh Rashid.