It is bad luck that those who make money from drugs are respected in our society: PM


It is bad luck that those who make money from drugs are respected in our society: PM

RAWALPINDI, Dec 07 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan said Monday that it was bad luck for our society that we gave respect to the people who made money from drugs and unfair means and this ill gotten money caused mammoth damage to society.

“Those who minted money through drugs , our society did not consider them bad. All knew it well that such and such person had made money through drugs. But he was acceptable to the society because he had made money”, he said this while addressing a ceremony at the Anti-Narcotics Force Headquarters, Rawalpindi, after inaugurating new building there, on Monday.
He went on to say the society was to face destruction due to this money. Drug money caused tremendous destruction to Pakistan. That money was used in wrong activities. This money multiplied corruption. This money was used in supporting wrong political expeditions of politicians. Several people won the polls due to this money.

He underlined today situation is this that about 7 million people have become addicts. The population of New Zealand is half to the number of addicts in our country.

No focus was placed on eliminating drugs in the past, he remarked, First time we heard about drugs in Pakistan during Afghan Jehad. Drugs used to come to Pakistan from Afghanistan and later these were sent outside, he held.

Who minted money from drugs in the decade of 80s,he was not considered wrong, he said adding those who made money from corruption and drugs caused damage to the country.

He stressed that we will have to work against drugs peddling. We have to save the youths from the scourge of drugs.
If there is one drug-addict in the home it destroys the family, he underlined.

It is deplorable that drug ice is spreading in educational institutions. Drugs have taken root in the universities. Drugs affect discipline and changes the character. I want the society fight against the drugs and corruption collectively”, he underscored.

He went on to say drugs were not taken seriously in our country earlier. They thought the drugs were not causing any damage to our country. But it is divine law that when you allow any thing to be used in your society which is prohibited by Almighty Allah, it is impossible that it will not cause damage to your society, he observed.