Smart lockdown imposed in 55 areas of Lahore


LAHORE, December 9 (Online): Lahore District Administration has imposed smart lockdowns, due to surging numbers of coronavirus cases, in 55 localities of the city.
Political circles are terming this moves as bid on the part of government to halt Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) widely publicized meeting on Dec 13.
According to Punjab Health Department, smart lockdown has been imposed in Lahore’s Data Gunj Baksh Town, Shalimar Town, Samnabad Town, Aziz Bhatti Town and Allama Iqbal Town, that will remain enforced till December 21.
The District Administration also issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure implementation on the smart lockdowns.
Under these SOPs, all markets, shopping malls, restaurants, offices (public and private) in these areas would remain closed.
There shall be a complete ban on movement of people to and from these affected areas while public and private transport will also remain suspended in these areas.
All the grocery stores, fruit and vegetable shops, tandoors and petrol pumps in the hotspot areas will remain open from 9am to 7pm milk and meat shops have been allowed to open from 7am to 7pm. Medical stores, laboratories, clinics and hospitals in these areas will remain open for 24 hours.