PPP, PML-N pushed country into quagmire of problems: Siraj ul Haq


MIANWALI, Dec 10 (Online): JI Amir Senator Siraj ul Haq has said both PPP and PML-N have absolutely failed in addressing the problems faced by the common man and they have pushed the country into quagmire of the problems.

“both PPP and PML-N absolutely failed in redressing the grievances of common man and the two parties drove the country into quagmire of problems. They have purchased properties outside the country and they are now deceiving the people with false hopes to save their properties, he said this while talking to JI Mianwali delegation which had visited his residence to express condolence over the death of his mother here Thursday.

He went on to say that PTI had come up with tall claims and big slogans for change. The powerful circles also backed PTI. But PTI has failed in providing any relief to people.
JI is here to steer nation out of this mire, he remarked. We will oust the corrupt government flee from corridors of power with the support of people, he added.

He held Imran Khan cannot bring change with corrupt team. The claim of change by the government has fizzled out.

PM himself had said he would not approach IMF but he obtained loan too and now he is saying going to IMF late was his government mistake, he pointed out.

He hoped next government will be government of JI and people will not pay heed to PTI, PPP and PML-N slogans.