Neelum Munir Goes Into Isolation After Testing Positive For Covid-19


LAHORE, December 10 (online): Lollywood Star Neelam Munir tested positive for Covid-19.
The actress has asked her fans and followers on social media to prayer for her early recovery.
Neelam Munir who earned fame and name through her remarkable performances in dramas asked people to accept Covid-19 as real threat.
“Accept it and follow the precautionary measures to contain the spread of virus,” the actress was quoted as saying.
“I’ll like to give you all a helpful update on something that I have been going through at my end for the past few days,” Neelum Munir further said, pointing out that she tested positive for Covid-19.
The actress family, however, was safe.
“My family members, however, are safe and healthy, Almadulillah,” she stated.
She said her life was going through difficult and challenging times these days. Neelum also shared about her quarantine life after the news broke to her and since then she was doing much better.
“pray for me and I request you all to observe SOPs for safety and protection from Covid-19,” she stated.
She urged the people to protect their loved ones by wearing masks in public places, avoid large gatherings, boost your immune system, and above all trust in Allah.