PDM public meeting makes PM, his cronies nights sleepless : Maryam Nawaz


LAHORE, Dec 15 (Online): PML-N Vice president Maryam Nawaz has said PDM Lahore public meeting has made rejected Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan and his Rent-A parrots nights sleepless.

“ PDM mammoth public meeting at Lahore has made the nights of rejected PM Tabedar Khan and his parrots sleepless nights. PDM is fighting war against the ever worst government in the history of country”, she said this while talking to PML-N Punjab and MNA Sardar Muhammad Irfan Dogar during a meeting here Tuesday.
Despite issuance of threat alerts of terrorism and mean tactics b y the government, participation of millions of people in the public meeting at Lahore is slap on the face of “Tabedar Khan” and his cronies.

The rented parrots of the government are making futile efforts to mislead the people by making parrot like repetition of different dialects.

She alleged that the government has dropped electricity bombshell on people to punish them for attending the public meeting. Efforts are underway to hike the price of petroleum products.

She went on to say Sugar, atta thieves have snatched the two time food from the people and the PM on the other hand is adding salt to the injuries of people by playing with dogs.

Maryam Nawaz while appreciating the commendable services rendered by Sardar Muhammad Irfan Dogar has asked him to make full preparations for long march.