PM removed Advisors, SAPM from Committee’s designations


ISLAMABAD, December 16 (Online): Prime Minister Imran Khan has removed the Advisers and Special Assistants to Prime Minister (SAPM), Razzaq Daud, Ishrat Husain, Nadeem Babar and Shehzad Arbab, from the designations of the Committees.
According to sources, Adviser for Treasury Razzaq Daud is not the member of ECC anymore and his membership in Cabinet’s Committee on Energy has also been terminated. Razzaq Daud is also not the member of Cabinet’s Committee for CPEC anymore.
Adviser on Industrial Reforms Ishrat Husain’s membership of ECC has also been terminated and he is no more the member of Cabinet’s Committee on Privatization and Industrial Reforms. Ishrat Husain is also no longer the member of Cabinet’s Committee for CPEC.
Whereas, the membership of Nadeem Babar and Shehzad Arbab in Cabinet’s Committee on Industrial Reforms have also been terminated.