Tenet Star Denzil Smith: World Is Coming Closer Through Films


ISLAMABAD, December 17 (online): Tenet star Denzil Smith, 60, believes the world of cinema is operating without any geographical and cultural barriers today as there are more opportunities for actors out in the West. The actor, who has been part of the global hits such as The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Viceroy’s House and Gurinder Chadha’s series Beecham House, said audiences have started noticing incidents of crossover because of streaming platforms. “The barriers have broken down as the crossover has been happening now. We see it more now because of the emergence of the OTT platforms. So, it has been happening for quite a while and I feel good to see many parts of the world coming together through cinema. It is a unifying medium for all humanity.”
Indian actors have often been cast in stereotypical roles in Hollywood but Smith believes this aspect is changing gradually. “There was also the stereotypical portrayal of people from the West in Indian cinema. It happens everywhere in all countries, across cultures. But everything has changed now. Fortunately, we’re moving away from that.”