PM can appoint special assistants: CJP


PM can appoint special assistants, advisors : CJP
ISLAMABAD, Dec 18 (Online): Supreme Court (SC) while upholding Islamabad High Court (IHC) decision has rejected the appeal plea seeking sacking of special assistants and advisors of Prime Minister (PM).

The appeal plea was to be heard by a 3-member bench of SC led by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmad but Justice Munib Akhtar recused him from the hearing the case. Therefore, two members bench presided over by CJP heard the case.

The CJP remarked that Prime Minister (PM) can seek help and opinion from any expert. It is laid down in the constitution that PM can appoint his assistants. It is mentioned in rules of business that a person having dual nationality can become special assistant. Justice Munib Akhtar does not want to hear this case therefore, we have constituted new bench after his regret.

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan remarked that SC has set principles in Zulfi Bokhari case with regard to special assistants. SC maintained in Zulfi Bokhari case that dual nationality holder can become special assistant. It was also settled in the decision PM can appoint special assistants. Special assistants are included in service of Pakistan. The loyalty of dual nationality holders cannot be called into question. There is no bar in doing the job which is not banned.

Counsel for petitioner Ikram Chaudhry argued “ my case is not case of dual nationality. There are battalions upon battalions of special advisors and special assistants. IHC has cited to SC decisions in its verdict. Special assistants are not included in service of Pakistan. Only five advisors can be appointed as per article 93 of the constitution. Induction of special assistants is violation of article 99 of the constitution.

The court while upholding IHC decision rejected the petition seeking sacking of special assistants of PM.