Some new model including separate assembly will have to be brought for Islamabad: IHC


ISLAMABAD, Dec 18 (Online): Islamabad High Court (IHC) has reserved judgment on the petitions of three deputy mayors with reference to Islamabad Mayor election.

IHC bench led by Justice Amir Farooq took up the case for hearing Friday.

The counsels for election commission and petitioners appeared in the court.

The counsel for the petitioner Sardar Taimore Aslam said mayor elections were delayed repeatedly. Now the tenure is nearing to expire.

The court inquired from the counsel of election commission that if the election of mayor Islamabad has not to be got held.

Counsel for election commission said “ we want to hold election but we are unable to do so due to corona virus.

The counsel for the petitioner said election commission is going to hold polls of Senate and on two seats of national assembly.

The counsel for election commission said we have written to respective ministry on mayor’s polls as well as polls of these two seats of national assembly. Election commission wants to hold election today but the permission has to be accorded by the government

Justice Amir Farooq remarked local bodies representatives work all over the world while members of national assembly legislate.

Justice Amir Farooq inquired how much tenure of mayor has been left.

Counsel for the petitioner told the court mayor Islamabad tenure will complete on February 25.

The court inquired 45 days are left then why you are holding elections.

Counsel for election commission said electoral colleges has issued election notification as per law.

The counsel for the petitioner said he is saying deputy mayor can not contest the election of mayor. While it is said in the law any representative can contest election.

Syed Ali Bokhari , counsel for PTI members said election commission has stopped the election of union council since one year then how can mayor election take place.

Justice Amir Farooq remarked there are faults in local government act. How can the court make up for it; The most powerful people are in Islamabad but the city stands neglected. Some new model will have to be brought for Islamabad. Chief commissioner runs Islamabad but three more posts have been assigned. CDA played role in destruction of Islamabad. Some cleanliness work has started in Islamabad after several years. Islamabad posh sectors are also in miserable condition.

The court reserved the judgment following the completion of the arguments of the lawyers.