Cabinet expresses grave concerns over SC decision


ISLAMABAD, May 12 (Online): Federal Cabinet while expressing grave concerns over the Supreme Court (SC) decision with reference to Imran Khan has termed it complete facilitation of Imran Khan.

The federal cabinet met under the Prime Minister (PM) Shebaz Sharif here Friday.

The legal team gave detailed briefing on Supreme Court (SC) decision to cabinet.

The federal government expressed grave concern over SC decision.

According to sources PM Shehbaz Sharif said the entire nation witnessed what happened in SC a day before. We respect judiciary. But what is happening it is all before the nation. One accused was summoned in the SC with full protocol. Imran Khan is being facilitated.

He remarked all resources will be utilized to maintain law and order situation. No one will be allowed to take law into hands. Those found involved in attacking government and military installations will not be spared. We will go to any length to ensure writ of state.