PTI leader Dr Yasmin Rashid arrested


LAHORE, May 12th (Online): President of Tehreel-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Punjab Yasmin Rashid has been arrested by Police from Lahore.

PTI leader Andleeb Abbas has said, Yasmin Rashid was abducted at 6. 30 AM in the Morning.

Dr Yasmin Rashid was not present in house from several days because of police raids.

Andleeb Abbas has said, 80 years old husband and 76 years old brother in law of Yasmin Rashid were arrested from house two days ago.

However, husband was released due to poor health condition.

The aged brother in law is still under arrest.

PTI further told that 4 to 5 cars and 40 to 50 people came and arrested Dr Yasmin Rashid and Took away her.