Year 2020 proves lucky for mafias in Pakistan: JI Chief


Lahore December 31 (Online): Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Senator Sirajul Haq has said that 2020 proved lucky for mafias in Pakistan who multiplied their wealth by creating fake crises of sugar, flour, petrol and other commodities only due to the sheer negligence of the PTI government.
Talking to media after addressing a training workshop for the teachers and students at Mansoora on Thursday, he said although the government tried to set every example of bad governance during the entire year, the damage created to education, health and agriculture sectors was seemed irreparable.
Educational institutional were lying closed for entire year, causing severe loss to the learning of students but no plan was developed to cope with the challenge and minimize the educational losses, he said.
Besides education, the health and agriculture sectors were also on the verge of collapse, he said, adding at a time when the different countries started vaccination program, hospital in Pakistan were even deprived of from the basic facilities for patients and PPEs for medical professionals and staff.
The prices of agricultural inputs were touching the skies and the government left in the state of peril around 100 million people dependent on agriculture, he said. The PTI chairman used to say he would prefer committing suicide over picking begging bowl and taking loans from any country after coming into power but his government broke all previous records of taking foreign loans and it took $4.7 billion alone in past five months (July to November), he said.
The PTI claim to bring “change” remained limited to change the nomenclature of the ministers and repeated transfers and postings in bureaucracy, he said, adding it made thousands jobless instead of providing employment to 10 million youth.
Senator Siraj demanded the government immediately cancel agreement between FIA and NAB because the MoU was tantamount to officially allowing the US agency to interfere in internal matters of the country.
He also demanded the government immediately address the concern of the intermediate students regarding the entry test in medical colleges and universities.
The JI chief appealed to the teachers and students to utilize their full energy in spreading the light of knowledge in every nook and corner of the country.
Pakistan, he added, was not established to be ruled over by the agents of the British and Western powers rather the people of the country were the real heir of it. He said the future of the country was bright but there was dire need that people took a bold stand against the status quo powers.
National Association for Education (NAFE) organized the sitting in connection with the teacher training program. JI Information Secretary Qaiser Sharif, JI Youth President Zubair Gondal and NAFE President Hidayat Khan attended the event.