Ahsan Iqbal demands PM Imran step down by Jan 31


LAHORE, JAN 04 (ONLINE): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Ahsan Iqbal has demanded that Prime Minister Imran Khan resign by January 31 or face historic long march by opposition parties.
Talking to media persons, Ahsan Iqbal said that PML-N president Mian Shehbaz Sharif has declared all assets and government has failed to prove corruption of a single penny against him.
The PML-N leader claimed that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has inflicted a loss of Rs4 billion and spent more than apartments’ actual worth. He asked who will register a case against the anti-graft watchdog for wasting foreign exchange reserves of the country.
While criticizing government over terrorism in Mach, the former interior minister said that government has failed to maintain law and order in the country and urged Sheikh Rashid to pay attention to security situation.
Ahsan Iqbal also criticized government economic policies and said consecutive hikes in power tariff have caused suffering to people. Sending government packing is need of the entire nation, he added.