SC orders for recovering money from Moulvi Sharif for reconstruction of Hindu Temple in Karak


ISLAMABAD, Jan 05 (Online): Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahamd has remarked the amount to be spent on reconstruction of Hindu Temple in Kark be recovered from Moulvi Sharif and his gang as they will again do this thing unless this amount is recovered from them.

He further remarked “ government writ should remain in place. Only suspending police personnel is not enough. This incident has earned bad name for Pakistan in the world;.

He observed Chairman Evacue Trust Property Board (ETPB) is not performing his duties in befitting manner. The employees of his department are doing business on temple lands.

He gave these remarks while presiding over a 3-mmeber bench of Supreme Court (SC) during the hearing of the case Tuesday.

Chairman Minorities Commission Shoaib Saddal, IG KPK, Chief Secretary KP, Chairman ETPB and chairman Hindu Council appeared in the court.

Chairman Minorities Commission Shoaib Saddal told the court this incident has earned bad name for the country. KP ETPB did not protect the temple venue. This place is sacred for Hindus like Kartarpur.

IG KP told the court 92 police personnel incluidng SP and DSP who were deployed on duty have been suspended.109 persons involved in this case have been arrested. There was a religious conference of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan on this venue on that day. Only Moulvi Sharif among 6 Ulema incided the people.

Chief secretary KP took the pleaKP government will construct Hindu temple afresh. Contingent of 100 police men has been deployed on the temple.

Chairman KP ETPB told the court Hindu community itself runs this temple in Kirk. This temple was not functional and therefore, ETPB staff is not present therein.

Chairman Hindu Council Ramesh Kumar took the plea fairs are held in Kirk temple. Every month 300 to 400 Hindus visit this temple. This Moulvi Sharif had broken this temple in 1997. Despite SC orders ETPB and KP governemnt did not reconstruct this temple. Hindu Council had contributed funds for reconstruction of temple following the refusal by ETPB. There is enormous corruption in KP ETPB. In 1947 Liaqat Ali Khan and Nehru had signed agreement about ETBP. Under the agreement Hindu will be appointed as chairman of ETPB in Pakistan and Muslim in India.. No Hindu has been appointed as chairman ETPB in Pakistan since the last 73 years. In India a Muslim is chairman of ETPB in India after 1947.

The CJP while addressing chairman Hindu Council remarked “give us documents that agreement was signed when; Only verbal things will not work.

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan remarked these pictures have been spread all over the world through social media. ETPB has funds for its own property but it has no money for Hindus.

Police took the plea that it remained silent for fear of blood shed.

The court has sought report within two weeks on elimination of encroahcments from the lands of temples and gurdawars, cases regarding properties pertaining to temples, gurdawars, ETPB and functional and dysfunctional temples in the country.

The court directed chairman ETPB to visit the Kirk temple forthwith and strart reconstruction of the temple.

The court has also directed ETPB KP to make consultations with minorities commission.

The hearing of the suo motu case was adjourned for two weeks.