Such horrendous act has been committed in Mach but Imran Khan is being seen no where: Maryam Aurangzeb


ISLAMABAD, January 05 (Online): PML-N spokespersons Maryam Aurangzeb while inquiring from Prime Minister 9PM) Imran Khan over Mach incident has said “ such enormous creulity has been committed in Mach and Imran Sahb where have you disappeared.

In a statement issued here Tuesday she said the family members of innocent victims are sitting in cold weather under open sky but you are not being seen any where.

She said Imran Khan summons meeting daily on PDM but why has not summoned meeting on Hazari community massacre.
“Imran Khan sahb, switch on TV so that you could come to know how horrendous cruelty has been perpetrated.

Imran Khan used to demand PM to reach the incident site within 24 minutes when he was in opposition but now why he is silent.

Imran Sahb go to Mach to console with Hazara community, she held.