Govt drops electricity bombshell


ISLAMABAD, Jan 11 (online): Government has dropped electricity bombshell on the people amid the reprots that National Electric Power Regulatory Authority ( NEPRA) has approved raise in electricity tariff by Rs 1.06 per unit.

As per announcment made by NEPRA, Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) had requested to allow scale up the tariff by Rs 1,52 per unit under Fuel Adjustment Surcharge (FAS) for the month of October and November 2020.

The NEPRA held public hearing on the matter of FCA for two months on December 30, 2020. It has accorded approval to scale up power tariff by Rs 1.06 per unit . Under October FAS, paisas 29 per unit were increased while under Fuel Price Adjustment for the month of November77 pasiss per unit were inclreased.

According to notification the enhanced power tariff will be applicable to the electricty bills of January only. It will apply to all the consumers of DISCOs except life line consumers. FAS will also not apply to K-Electric.

The increase in power tariff will shift additional financial burden of Rs 8.40 billion to the consumers.