India can not dominate Pakistan: FM


ISLAMABAD, Jan 11 (Online) Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said we have full capability to defend the country and India can not dominate Pakistsan.

Paksitan has full potential to defend itsel. Indian can not dominate Pakistan at any cost. India is backing terrorists in Pakistan and acting as a spoiler in the Afghan peace process. PDM is not a positive alliance and it is negative alliance. PDM wants to get NRO by pressurising the institutions”, he said this while talking to a private TV channel here Monday.

He held India wanted to become stake holder in Afghanistan but it met failure. Now it is disrupting peace in Afghanistan.

He went on to say we have shared dossier with the internatioal community. We have tried to expose the ugly face of India.

About transfer of power in US and its implications in Pakistan he said only interests are upper most in state relations. Donald Trump had his own unique style. He used to demonstrate through tweets. But new US government style will be different. Newly elected President Joe Biden is higly skilled in foreign affairs. He is fully aware of Pakistan and the region. He knows so many people in Pakistan. We too undersand his mindset.

He underlined PDM is not a positive alliance but it is a negative alliance. Their motive is sending the elect3ed government to home. They want to get NRO by browbeating Imran Khan and pressurixing institutions. There is no consensus among PDM on resignations.

No final decision has been taken by them on Long March, he pointed out. They will decide after January 31 deadline.;