Corona virus vaccine will take time to reach Pakistan: Asad Umar


ISLAMABAD, Jan 12 (Online): Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar has said that Corona virus vaccine will take time to reach Pakistan ,therefore it is responsibility of every one to protect one self against third wave of corona virus at every cost.

He held coronavirus has affected livelihoods of over 20 million people in the country.
Addressing a media briefing, Asad Umar said that government took decision while keeping in mind health as well as economic factors and steps taken by Pakistan to curb the spread of the virus have been praised internationally.
The minister said that the government was being pressurized to not go for smart lockdown but Prime Minister Imran Khan preferred health as well has livelihoods of the masses. Even developed countries were hit hard by the coronavirus and millions of people lost their jobs in India, he added.
Asad Umar said that economic situation worsened in some countries due to strict lockdown and 72 percent of people working in the industrial sector were affected by the those lockdowns.
He said that government of Pakistan adopted policy of smart lockdown and allowed construction and industrial sector to operate.
Asad Umar reiterated that timely decisions of the government saved Pakistan from devastating effects of the pandemic.