Corruption kind enjoying life abroad, his disciples are raising hue and cry in Pakistan: Firdous Ashiq Awan


LAHORE, Jan 14 (Online): Firdous Ashiq Awan, Assistant to Chier Minister (CM) Punjab on information has said corruption king is enjoying life abroad and his disciples are raising hue and cry in Pakistan.

Corruption king is enjoying life abroad and his disciples are are raising hue and cry here. They plundered the country and fled abroad . What is this politics. What is this service to people”, she said this in a statement issued here Thursday.

PPP and PML-N are instinctively inclined to unleashing loot and plunder spree and securing Aqamas. Minarates of corruption were erected in the past and billion of rupees were looted, she held.

She remarked that stunning tales of money laundering of so called Khadim Ala of the past are on lips of every child who kept in view his personal interests instead of needs of the people in the projects.

She underlined lions of past have turned into jackals today.

They are dwarfs before the honest leadership of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan , she observed.

She underlined that PM Imran Khan and CM Punjab Usman Buzdar are determined to deal with corruption and corona virus epidemic. The positive effects of the timely and people friendly decisions taken by the government during corona epidemic have been lauded by the world.

She pointed out that corona cases have soared to 147292 in Punjab and 767 new cases have been reported during the last 24 hours in the province.

The total fatalities from Corona virus have surged to 4348, she stated. As many as 14411 corona tests were conducted during 24 hours and number of corona tests carried out sofar has reached 2655241, she added.