IHC restrains chairman PTV Naeem Bokhari from performing his duty


ISLAMABAD, Jan 14 (Online): Islamabad High Court (IHC) while restraining Naeem Bokhari from performing as chairman PTV has referred the matter to federal cabinet.

Chief Justice IHC Athar Minallah remarked “ no one is above law. Information minisry is not authorised to appoint chairman PTV.

The petition challenging appointment of Naeem Bokhari as chairman PTV came up for hearing before IHC bench presided over by CJ Athar Minallah Thursday.

The CJ IHC inquired from representative of information ministry has the government relexed age.

The representative replied “ yes sir, the age was relaxed.

The CJ IHC again inquired what reason has been written by you for relaxing age.

The representative said “ we have written Naeem Bokhari is capable for this seat;. He has vast experience too. One summary was sent on November 13 and second was sent on November 26.

The CJ IHC remarked neither the cabinet took clear decsion regarding relaxation of age nor you sent correct summary. You did not read the relevant part of Supreme Court (SC) decision while sending summary. When you send summary without reading the decision then you will make the cabinet ashamed.

The court remarked information ministry is not entitled to appoint chairman PTV. SC has written in clear terms federal government cannot make any one chairman. Either he gets salary or otherwise it is a separate issue. Tell us about procedure. You appointed Naeem Bokhari as chairman PTV on your own and then sent the summary to cabinet.

The IHC while restraining chairman PTV Naeem Bokhari from performaing his duty remarked we are sending this important matter to federal cabinet. They should see it in line with SC decision. Naeem Bokhari Sahb is respectable for us.However no one is above law.