Banners inscribed with slogans “No to Israel” being displayed in Karachi to serve political interests: FM


ISLAMABAD, Jan 19 (Online): Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said the banners inscribed with slogan “ No to Israel” are being put to display for political gains as any question for recognizing stands ruled out.

He said this in a statement issued here Tuesday. He held Pakistan is persistently exposing the real face of India.
Through our November 14 dossier we have placed before the worLd the irrefutable evidence on sponsoring the terrorists by India. The report from European Union based on stunning revelations has stamped yes on our reservations.

He went on to say India launched false propaganda campaign to defame Pakistan in the world. Now Goswami chat has debunked Pulwama drama which was enacted by India for political gains. BJP led government claimed the lives of its 40 soldiers to pave the way for its win in election.

He held an irresponsible government is in place in Delhi which can do anything for political gains.

The international community owes responsibility to hold India responsible for putting the peace at stake in the region. The world has come to know that the India which world community considered a secular state is being ruled by a fascist Hindutva government.

He reiterated Pakistan wants peace and stability in the entire region including Afghanistan. We want international talks to materialize successfully and reach its logical conclusion.

He underlined there are certain elements inside and outside Afghanistan who are playing the part of spoiler.

He stated that the banners inscribed with the slogan “ No to Israel” are being put to display in Karachi to take political millage. . When government has made it clear its Palestine policy then any question for recognizing Israel stands ruled out. This has been repeatedly stated by Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan and my statements are part of record in this regard. Foreign ministry has already given its unequivocal stance in this respect. Displaying such banners are only aimed at serving political interests.

He remarked PDM wants to cover up cracks in its ranks . Certain elements want to us Seminary students in Karachi for staging protest rallies. This is not good move for the country and national economy. I am sure people of Karachi will pay no heed to it.

He held PPP is playing on both sides of wicket. It is using PDM for its political gains.PPP has announced its unequivocal decision on the issue of resignations that it will not give resignations. PPP is in a state of quandary on the issue of Long March. PDM narrative conforms to the narrative of anti Pakistan forces. PDM is fanning anti state forces narrative without wanting so.