PM announces to start 3-G, 4-G service for Wana


WANA, January 20 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said Indian government is making all out efforts to foment chaos in Pakistan.

“ I talked to military leadership on the matter of 3G and 4-G and we decided this facility is key need of the youths. Apprehension is there that 3-G, 4-G may not be used for terrorism. We will open school, technical colleges and universities in South Waziristan. The second biggest challenge is providing employment opportunities to youths, he said this while addressing a Jawan Program in Wana Wednesday.
“I want to give message to the people of Waziristan that it is philosophy of our government people and areas which lag behind should be lifted up. It is our endeavors that poor segments of the country should be lifted and educational facilities be provided to them”, he added.

Youths are our biggest force. If we provide them education and technical education then they will not only uplift their families but will also uplift the country.

The second biggest challenge is employment, he remarked. The worst destruction occurred in South Waziristan during the last 15 years. The youths here need employment, he said.

I understand it well that you people always stood with Pakistan. People from here had gone to Kashmir to fight there in. This is the history of this area. Merger of tribal areas into KP was a difficult job. Several people tried that this merger does not take place. However the way people of tribal areas and Waziristan made the merger a success story I pay tribute to them.

“Our enemy India is fully trying to stoke chaos in Baluchistan and Waziristan. Therefore, internet service is being used on mobile phone. I have talked to army. We decided this facility be provided because this facility is of paramount importance for the youths, he said.

3-G. 4 –G service will soon be opened in Waziristan, he announced.