NA committee summons chairman NAB in broadsheet issue


ISLAMABAD, Jan 21 (Online): National Assembly (NA) standing committee on information has summoned chairman NAB in its next meeting in Broadsheet matter.

Committee met under chairman Committee Javed Latif Thursday.

Javed Latif said tax money collected from the people was given to broadsheet. Chairman NAB should come here and tell when it happened and in whose tenure it took place. He should explain the position as to why billion of rupees were paid to Broadsheet. People are dying of hunger and we are giving million of rupees to an institution.

Chairman Committee summoned chairman NAB in next meeting of the committee.

He held the state had to suffer humiliation on the things related to Broadsheet. We had to pay billions of rupees tax collection money due to mistake of one institution.

He said NAB changed its stance repeatedly. How the NAB was deceived. London High Court gave decision that the money went to wrong account. The nation should be informed why the billion of rupees were paid. The purpose behind summoning chairman NAB is not this that he is responsible. The facts about broadsheet should come before the nation.

Information minister Shibli Faraz said how can chairman NAB be linked to this committee. If chairman has to be called then other characters should also be called. Any committee can summon former prime minister in future.

Shibli Faraz said you have come under pressure.

Shibli Faraz said nation should come to know what happened from A to Z. The committee is authorized to summon any one. Prime Minister has constituted a committee to probe into this matter.

Shibli Faraz said the committee will complete its work within 45 days.

Shibli Faraz said we are concerned with only our money as to why our money went to there.

He said the institution should not be summoned this way.

Javed Latif said that such impression should not go government was defending NAB.