Clearance operation against terrorists at FC compound Muslim Bagh completed


Rawalpindi, 13 May (ONLINE): The clearance operation at FC Compound Muslim Bagh in Northern Balochistan, which had commenced on evening of 12 May 23 after repulsing initial onslaught of terrorists, has been completed in the morning of 13 May 23.

The complex clearance operation involved hostage rescue operation as well to save three families from a residential block. The terrorists had not even spared children of their horrendous approach.

All six terrorists in the compound, who were well equipped, have been sent to hell. Necessary intelligence follow up will continue to trace their linkages and arrest facilitators and expose their sponsors.

In the process of clearance operation, seven sons of the soil including a civilian have embraced Shahadat while another six individuals including a woman have been injured.

Security Forces, in step with the nation, remain determined to thwart all attempts at sabotaging peace, stability and progress of Balochistan.