Detailed judgment: IHC orders Imran Khan to join investigation in Al-Qadir trust case


ISLAMABAD, May 13 (Online): Islamabad High Court (IHC) has issued detailed decision of interim bail plea of PTI chairman Imran Khan in Al-Qadir Trust case.
A 7-page detailed judgment has been issued by two members bench of IHC.
The court has directed Imran Khan to join investigation in Al-Qadir trust case.
It has been said in the order that if Imran Khan does not join investigation then the court can be resorted to for cancellation of his bail.

The investigation officer told the court nothing about any document has been asked from Imran Khan. Some questions related to case were asked from Imran Khan during the investigation. Interim bail of Imran Khan is approved till May 31.
It has been said in the decision that Advocate General (AG) and Additional Attorney said article 245 is in place and relief can not be provided to Imran Khan.
This stance of AG and additional attorney is aggressive. It means such fundamental rights have to be usurped which are basis of democratic and Islamic state. It can not be imagined a responsible government will create this hurdle for the citizens in seeking access to justice.

In the order notice was issued to Attorney General on the point regarding access to court in enforcement of article 245. Assistance has been sought from Attorney General on this important constitutional point.

This was said in the decision Imran Khan was presented in high court on the orders of Supreme Court. The objection raised by advocate general and additional attorney general is not correct.
High court is authorized to hear the case under section 561-A of code of criminal procedure.