Daniel Pearl murder case: No one can be kept under detention for life: SC


ISLAMABAD, Jan 25 (Online): Supreme Court (SC) has rejected plea for suspending High Court (HC) order on releasing persons accused in Daniel Pearl murder case.

The court has remarked on what basis we should issue stay order when no order is there for keeping the accused under detention. No one can be kept under detention for life.

Daniel Pearl murder case came up for hearing before a 3-member bench of SC presided over by Justice Umar Ata Bandial Monday.

The court maintained no mention is made in the detention order of Ahmad Umar to the effect that he is spy of enemy . Sindh government wants that court should declare Ahmad Umar anti state rather than the provincial government itself.

Advocate General (AG) Sindh took the plea that 7 mobile sims were recovered from Ahmad Umar. Two among the recovered sims related to UK. It is failure of Sindh government that the terrorists were maintaining contacts with terrorists from jail. Calls were made by Ahmad Umar from jail to the suspected persons. 97 persons were arrested in the attempt for breaking jail to free Ahmad Umar Sheikh. Ahmad Umar Sheikh is agent of anti state elements. Intelligence is available but we will not be able to prove this case in the court.

The court rejected the plea for suspending high court decision pertaining to release of Ahmad Umar Sheikh and other co-accused.

The court maintained that the three orders on the detention of the accused have completed their period. No order on keeping the accused in detention is there. Then we can issue stay order on what basis. No one can be kept under detention for life. If SIndh government has information then why the case has not been framed.

SC while issuing notices to attorney general and all advocate generals has adjourned the hearing of the case till Thursday.