Hindutva chaupat raj is in place in andher nagri of India today: FM


ISLAMABAD, Jan 26 (Online): Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said Hindutwa choupat raj is in place in andher nagri of India today.

He said this in a statement on Tuesday, on the eve of India’s Republic Day.

He held tractors and not the tanks were seen in the parade held in India on the occasion of its Republic day. Indian farmers are marching towards New Delhi.

The Indian economy is in shambles in the wake of negative policies of Indian government. No one including Muslims, Bengali and Daulat is safe in India today. Draconian laws are being enforced in India rather than democracy.

He went on to say Hindutva mindset is emerging in India adding all its neighboring countries are annoyed with India due to Indian attitude. India has changed its attitude with Nepal, China, Bengldesh and others. India is now isolating from its neighboring countries due to its attitude.

The miserable plight of minorities in India proves the vision of Quaid-e-Azam correct.
How the Modi government has played with the constitution of India, majority of Indian people have been disappointed.

Indian constitution talks of a secular state but today there is no room for minorities in India and they have become second rated citizens, he underlined.

Indian secularism has been swept away and Indian constitution has lost its meaning, he observed. In the prevailing situation celebrating Republic day is only a delusion and is putting salt into the eyes of the world.