SC upholds FST decision on declaring daily wages service period as pensionable period in respect of regular teachers of Islamabad


ISLAMABAD, Jan 27 (Online): Supreme Court (SC) while upholding Federal Service Tribunal (FST) decision on declaring the daily wages service period of regular teachers of federal capital as pensionable service has dismissed 19 appeal pleas by federal government against decision of Federal Service Tribunal (FST).

A 3-member bench of SC presided over by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmad took up for hearing the appeal pleas on Wednesday.

The CJP while expressing displeasure over inappropriate attitude of government against daily wages teachers remarked “ what law allows to engage daily wages employees for 10 years. Teachers should not be employed on daily wages basis at any cost. It would have been different thing had they been removed from the service.

He further remarked what type of justice it is that they are deprived of their due rights after their regularization. The government made the teachers daily laborers.

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan remarked these teachers have been regularized after they have performed service for 10 years. FPSC has also declared these teachers eligible. Is the sacred department like education treated this way.

The court directed federal education secretary to appear before it.

The Additional Attorney General (AAG) Sajid Ilyas Bhatti told the court education secretary is in the meeting of NCOC therefore, she cannot appear before the court.

He took the plea before the court these teachers were employed on the wages of Rs 120 per day. The court should also review the procedure of the recruitment of teachers.

The court while upholding the FST decision of including the daily wages service period of regular teachers of Islamabad in pensionable service period the 19 appeals filed by government against FST decision. The court has wrapped up the case.