Opposition is no problem for us: PM


ISLAMABAD, Jan 27 (online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said opposition is no problem for us while PDM stands abolished practically.

He said this while presiding over parliamentary party meeting of government coalition partners here Wednesday.

Taking on board the parliamentary party on important issues, PM Imran Khan said PDM has ended practically. They have exerted their all in holding public meetings but people are not with them. They wanted to get entangle us in election commission. But they themselves got entangled.

PM said you please don’t worry. Opposition is no problem for us.

He held a commission has been constituted on broadsheet issue. Complete investigations will be made into Hudaibia papers mills case and Surrey palace matter in addition to Broadsheet scandal.

All the members should pay full attention to Ahsas program. Members of parliament should visit shelter homes and provide facilities to the poor. If they realize the difficulties of the poor people then the remaining matters will be set right.

The members of assembly raised questions about the growing loans in the meeting. They said that media says this government has obtained loans more than any other government.

Finance advisor Sheikh Abdul Hafiz informed the participants of the meeting about the details of the loans.