Matter can go beyond emergency in the country: Manzoor Wassan


KARACHI, May 13 (Online): PPP leader Manzoor Wassan has predicted the last week of May looks to be dangerous as a lot is going to happen.

“apparently PTI chairman Imran Khan game seems to be coming to end, he said this in a statement issued here Saturday.

It was PDM intent government completes its tenure and hold election on October 8, he held. But the situation has taken such turn that the election does not seem to be taking place.
Any thing can happen in the country, he added. The matter can go beyond emergency in the country, he predicted.

May be coalition government is formed in the country. May be election date will be advanced for one year by making amendment in the constitution.

He remarked Imran Khan had time but he wasted it.PTI will lose its previous position as party. Only a few people will contest election on the ticket of PTI.